Leopoldo Emperador

Retrato de Leopoldo EmperadorLas Palmas, 1954

Since the poetic of the creation, Leopoldo Emperador knows that in the middle of the rose of the winds a passionate desire is installed in love that presses in the shade so that return to its origin. And with humility he is recognized finally in the center of the labyrinth of the creation, already as a sculptor of a single piece. Cultured and versatile, he is always alert, he tries to create the suitable space so that his sculpture grow in harmony with the solidity of his criteria.
The sculptor, a fabulist blacksmith and reflexive, he knows that the practice of the art is a “continuum” that displaces itself alternative among emotion, memory and knowledge.
He knows, therefore, that the artist does not warp the complex social situation of the man, he does not encourage his despair he neither is evaded for roads of finenesses.

Martín Chirino 2010

Artista, Escultor